Gisela Font Sayeras

gisela (1)

SNAPT Project Development Lead.

My name is Gisela Font Sayeras and I have primarily worked on the lab’s ODIN and MABUSE projects. More specifically, I have been working on Testing for ODIN using SOAPUI, Postman, Jenkins, and JUnit. I have also been working on Frontend for ODIN and MABUSE using MVC, and created wireframes for MABUSE using Balsamiq. I graduated from Augusta University in May 2017 with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and minor in Mathematics. As an undergraduate, I was working as a Research Assistant building a website using JavaScript, PHP, HTML, and CSS. Looking forward, I am eager to start school in August 2018 in pursuit of a master’s degree in Computer Science. Outside of my work for REACH, I love playing tennis in my free time. I was a student-athlete in college during which I was a tennis player at Northwest Missouri State University for one year and three years at Augusta University, and have enjoyed continuing my passion.


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